About Us

More than just a service provider

Your partner in branding excellence

It’s our vision to be considered a branding solution partner to our clients, trusted to always produce the highest quality products using the most sustainable materials. We plan to do this by taking an innovative and eco-conscious approach, working in partnership with our clients to create the most appropriate, highest quality and most sustainable branding solutions to make an impact.

Rocket was founded by Tim Porter, a young installer turned Co-founder and Director. Rocket has navigated through the evolving landscape of graphic design and large format digital printing. Tim’s early career, marked by a progression from hands-on installation to art-working and design, laid the groundwork for Rocket’s innovative approach to exhibition graphics. Transitioning from traditional photographic production to pioneering digital print techniques, Tim, alongside key industry contacts, established Rocket as a front-runner in digital print for exhibitions.

The pivotal moment came when Tim, embracing market shifts and bolstered by supportive clients, decided to launch his own venture. This ambition crystallised when he merged forces with Oliver Bridgeman, an old school friend with an emerging graphic production company. Together, they transformed Rocket into a specialist in both exhibition graphic design and production.

Now, twenty-five years later, Rocket boasts a £10m+ turnover and a dedicated team, proud of their growth and eager for the future. This evolution from a modest beginning to a powerhouse in the branding solutions sector underscores Rocket’s commitment to quality, innovation, and client partnership.

Outstanding quality every step of the way

Collaborative Solutions Across Industries

We love to work closely with Project Managers and agencies, across a range of industries. Whether you’re in events, retail, construction, leisure or anything in between, we create solutions for all branding and signage briefs. We’re here to take the pressure off you, helping you to wow your bosses and your clients without losing sleep.

We pride ourselves in standing side by side with our clients to understand your:

  • Brief
  • Perceived challenges
  • Ultimate goal
  • Budget

Working with you at every stage:

Navigating the complexities of your brief, we transform uncertainty into incredible, tailored solutions that meet your budget and exceed expectations.

With our seasoned project managers, every concept becomes reality within budget and on time, ensuring a smooth, empowered journey from start to finish.

We’ve spent 30 years building this business, investing in the latest technology, training the best staff and continuing to seek ways to improve. Production should never be a concern for you, we have it covered.

We’ve got a fantastic team of installers who are experienced in the most challenging of installs – like suspending hanging signs with nothing to hang it from (true story). So don’t worry about the install element.

We’re here for the long-run and we’re here to learn and evolve so we’ll always make sure there’s a debrief and make sure you were happy with every element of your experience with us.

Perfecting print
since 1986