Brighten up Retail Displays with LED Lightboxes

You may not realise it, but investment in LED lightboxes can be nothing short of revolutionary for your retail graphics and the overall look of your store. They can make retail displays stand out as you showcase your latest products or styles, ensuring potential customers notice your most vibrant displays.

What Exactly Are Lightboxes?

Lightboxes are a kind of backlit display graphic typically found in retail settings, most commonly fashion stores, but they’re also often outside restaurants, bars and entertainment venues including cinemas plus other settings.

The structure typically comprises a frame with LED lights illuminating an image printed onto fabric that’s stretched across the frame. Often, a large-format printing company produces lightboxes.

These items are hugely versatile, given that you can design and make them in a myriad of different forms. And you can attach them to a wall, keep them freestanding or hang them from the ceiling. So it’s perhaps unsurprising that their popularity has soared in recent years, especially when you think how little time you have to grab consumer attention once someone steps inside your store. One figure puts this at just five seconds.

Extensive market research has shown that illuminated advertising attracts a higher footfall, and so is far more effective than the unlit alternatives.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of this inexpensive yet cost-effective way of boosting sales and transforming your retail space.

How LED Lightboxes Can Benefit Your Brand

 Adding LED lightboxes brings many benefits to your retail store – here are some of the most significant advantages:

#1 Eye-Catching and Vibrant

Because these models are backlit, they attract more attention and have a strong impact even if your retail store is often busy with frequently changing stock and different promotional décor, especially compared to a non-backlit alternative. They are far more likely to catch the eye of customers.

 #2 Appeal to Your Target Audience

LED lightboxes are an excellent way of appealing to your target audience. Setting the tone and values for your brand in an extensive backlit display is hugely appealing in terms of attracting your target-audience customers.

#3 the Ideal Tool for Branding

Lightboxes can elevate your brand since they’re typically found in high-end stores, major High Street shops, and department stores. So their association with well-known brands means these retail graphics will give the overall look and feel of both your brand and products a significant boost.

#4 They Keep Your Store Looking Current

It’s very straightforward to change LED lightboxes as needed since you can keep the frame and illumination while updating the fabric to reflect your latest look or collection.

#5 Promote New Product Ranges or Styles

Use LED lightboxes to promote fresh products and styles. As mentioned above, you can update these as and when necessary, as your collections change to reflect shifting fashions and new seasons.

#6 They Even Make Your Premises Look Better

You may not appreciate just how much lightboxes can lift the overall décor of your store as they take up wall space. They always create a highly polished and professional appearance. So it’s a guarantee that you will be adding depth and atmosphere to your retail displays.

#7 You Can Use Lightboxes Indoors or Outside

Another element you may not appreciate if you don’t already make use of lightboxes is that these display graphics are versatile enough for use indoors and outside, whatever the weather’s doing. This allows you to make the most of illuminated signage for your business. Generally speaking, however, the versions used outdoors do not incorporate fabric – the company producing them will instead turn to more water and weatherproof solutions.

Remember, of course, that any external signage is the first part of your business a potential customer, staff member or indeed anyone else will see.

#8 Reduced Environmental Impact

The use of LED lightbulbs in lightboxes means that environmental impact is modest since energy use is low, especially when compared with, for example, the fluorescent alternatives. And lower energy consumption means a lower carbon footprint. These models don’t age quickly or rust, adding to their sustainability. And as well as the fact the bulbs last a very long time, they operate at a lower temperature than traditional fluorescent light bulbs or tubes. Indeed, some research has it that some LEDs are as much as 90% more efficient than those powered by fluorescent tubes.

Turbocharge Your Lightboxes with Rocket Graphics

At Rocket Graphics, we produce and install LED lightboxes for clients throughout London and indeed all over the UK. We’ve previously installed them in numerous retail stores around the country, including at major names such as River Island and Merrell.

We offer our extensive portfolio of retail and venue graphics from our large-format printing facility in Watford, just outside London. What’s more, we’re able to offer fast turnaround times while consistently producing everything to the very highest quality.

Get in touch today for an informal chat about your needs, and to learn more.