Creative Uses of Large Format Graphics

Digital Sports Signage Display Graphics

They can have a huge impact, so we thought we’d write this month about some of the creative uses of large format graphics.

It’s worth noting that these graphics are all around us, far more than you may have realised, and some are so high-impact it’s surprising how long they linger in the mind.

What Are Large Format Graphics ?

In case you’re not sure exactly what we mean by large format graphics, essentially these are large-scale items of signage and decoration. And they’ve been around since the early 1990s, when digital printing really started to take off.

They’re digitally printed, in a bigger-than-standard size as the name suggests, typically from a 5m-wide printing machine.

Both large and small organisations across a huge range of industries use large-scale graphics. They’re a staple of the following (among others):

  • Big sporting occasions
  • Retail settings
  • Exhibitions
  • Entertainment venues
  • Building sites

So if you’re looking to make a significant impact with your graphics, large format printing can help you do just that. There are many creative uses of large format graphics that will make your branding campaign stand out for all the right reasons.

Large Format Graphic Ideas For Maximum Input

Rocket Graphics is a leading UK large format printing company. We’ve worked across a wide range of industries with some of the UK’s top creative and advertising agencies to create exceptional, multi-dimensional work. That means we’ve seen more than our fair share of unforgettable graphics and signage, and understand all about the best uses of large format print.

Here are some thoughts and ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

#1 Ceiling-hung Tension Fabric Systems

These systems combine tension graphics with precision-engineered aluminium frames, and are adaptable to suit changing needs. They come in multiple depths, and allow for the insertion of bespoke graphics, with brand visuals stretching across the frame’s surface so no creases remain.

You’ll more commonly see this type of large-scale graphics in bigger venues, from sporting arenas to massive exhibition halls. But you can also use these modular solutions in window displays in retail settings on a smaller scale. You can have any shape, and Tension Fabric Systems are usually 3D structures. What’s more, they can be tailored to suit your precise needs.

If you want to create a particularly dramatic effect, consider adding backlighting.

#2 Large-scale Window Graphics

You can use these to enhance the visual appeal of both the inside and outside of a building. Alternatively, use large format window graphics to cover up an unsightly exterior view and create a better atmosphere inside.

They work well in large window spaces in a variety of settings, from schools, offices and retail to a range of other venues.

These large format graphics can be translucent and multi-coloured, so that they look especially good when sunlight streams through the windows, creating a rainbow of different hues.

#3 Stair Graphics

Stair risers are the almost vertical part of the space between steps.

Apply vinyl graphics and give a set of stairs a fresh, bright and vibrant look. Alternatively, use so that they combine to display an image or message when viewed from a distance. Stair graphics are an effective way of giving some life to stairwells or larger sets of stairs – otherwise, these can be woefully underused spaces.

#4 Large Format Backlit Graphics

Lighting of large format graphics is a more versatile tool than you may have realised. Use it to add depth and make your signage and graphics stand out. There are so many ways you can use lighting, from neon strips to backlit multi-layered graphics. Backlit signs use large format graphics printed on translucent film that is illuminated from behind in a lightbox.

#5 Illuminated Hanging Structures and Ceiling Graphics

This is another flexible solution involving illuminated graphics. And it’s something you can apply to numerous different settings, from exhibition venues to bigger retail stores plus window displays. Again, these allow people to see you brand from a distance, and are a clever, creative use of ceiling space, which would otherwise be empty. So these solutions are one of the best uses of large format graphics.

#6 Large Format Lightboxes

Whether the available space you have is small or medium, you can find a lightbox to fit it. Choose from regular-sized, tall or extra-wide solutions – they also come with slimline frames these days, or bespoke sizes. Equally, there are almost no height limitations.

Use LED large format lightboxes to create strikingly lit graphic displays, especially in retail. You can change displays quickly and easily; use these tools to help drive footfall, generate sales and increase brand awareness.

#7 Full Wall Wraps, Visuals and Murals

These are a cost-effective, yet high-impact type of large format graphics. They are a great way to cover or brighten up an extensive area. Try them at large-scale events, too. They can be made from vinyl and are usable just about anywhere with a blank wall. What’s more, you can fix them to just about any surface, from tile and wood to brick and plasterboard.

Wraps are usually made from glossy vinyl, and this material comes in several varieties, from reflective and metallic to neon, standard and matte. You’ll also find removable wall decals made of polyester or PVC-vinyl. Typically, the material in vinyl graphics is super-thin – around 3mm.

Talk to Rocket About Large Format Graphics

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So if you’re currently choosing a large format printing and signage company then speak to us today, we have everything you need under one roof, including digital cutting and graphic installation.

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