5 great uses of vinyl graphics in your printed branding

TePe Exhibition Stand Install - Exhibition Graphics

Vinyl has more uses than just about any plastic in the world. It was discovered completely by chance more than 90 years ago in 1926, by Washington University chemistry teacher Waldo Semon, who was researching a new manmade adhesive that would cost less than the alternatives then available.

This accidental discovery led to the material being used in umbrellas and raincoats, as well as the motor industry. During the war, it was used to coat wires.

Since then, versatile vinyl graphics have been extensively used in interior and exterior designs as bright way for businesses to advertise themselves. It can be used on anything from windows, floors and walls to vehicles.

You can cut the stuff easily, and print on to it without any problem, adding to its flexibility and meaning you can cut out your shapes or lettering of choice or print whole wraps or decals for whatever end result you need.

What’s more, as well as being easy to shape, vinyl is long-lasting and weather-resistant, whatever the British climate throws at it. So vinyl graphics can easily be adapted to any number of different locations.

Here are five graphic and printing design uses for vinyl graphics:

Vehicle Wrapping

If you operate a fleet of company vehicles, leaving them unmarked means wasting a potentially superb branding opportunity. A clearly branded fleet raises profile and identity and is guaranteed to trigger a significant number of customer enquiries. One figure has it that more than three thousand people an hour will see a liveried vehicle in a busy area. And this branding is especially important if you work mainly locally.

Window Graphics on Shops or Company Buildings

Vinyl works particularly well for window graphics in retail or other commercial settings, such as cafés. Not only can these kinds of vinyl graphics enhance your brand’s reputation, they can provide privacy if and as required, in a way that looks far smarter than blinds or curtains.

Window graphics can incorporate your corporate logo, colour and fonts for consistency, and portray whatever image you want, from modern and chic to nostalgic, from fun to serious. Use them to inform your customers about all sorts of things, including one-off promotions.

Floor Graphics

Again, these can be used with vinyl and bring numerous benefits, including wayfinding signage in any kind of commercial or retail environment. They also come into their own as exhibition graphics, to help your presence at a trade show really stand out. Floor graphics are cost-effective and can be used anywhere and taken up again after an event just as easily. They’re also a great way of maximising efficient use of space. So unleash your creativity and make sure your brand gets noticed!

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics allow you to say goodbye to boring or unimaginative stores, offices, restaurants or other premises. These vinyl graphics allow you to seriously reinforce your brand while informing staff and visitors and generally enhancing your business’s visual appeal.

As well as helping to create a memorable, positive experience of your brand, these graphics have the benefit of being durable, economical and flexible enough to be permanent or temporary. They’re basically maintenance-free.

Internal Office Graphics

You work hard to build a brand – but what do your lobby, offices and meetings rooms look like? Do you brand your building as effectively as possible to the outside world? Your interior office space is a more powerful communicator than you may have realised.

Communicating your corporate vision with these vinyl graphics will boost communication, morale and energy among your employees and visitors, while setting yourself apart from the competition.

At Rocket Graphics, we can help you communicate through the power and visual appeal of superb vinyl graphics. Chat to us right now to learn more.