Guide to School Signage: Create an Inspiring, Vibrant Place to Learn

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The right school signage can make all the difference when it comes to creating the ideal environment for children to learn in. And with pupils back for a new academic year this autumn following months of lockdown, it’s arguably more important than ever to ensure they feel welcome and safe, and that everyone is working in a positive setting.

School Signage: Why it Matters

It’s (surprisingly) often overlooked, yet signage forms a vital part of overall school branding. But it’s also important, obviously, in terms of navigation and safety, not least at the moment, when health messages need to be very clearly conveyed.

But school signage is also an important part of an institution’s image and therefore, ultimately, its reputation. Modern, properly fitted and professionally produced signs will help create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for staff, pupils, parents (prospective and those who already have children at the school) and visitors. After all, signs are probably among the first things people notice on arrival.

After all, nicely designed, stylish signs will set the tone for what goes on within the school walls, and help forge an atmosphere that’s conducive to effective learning.

Other Benefits of Updating School Signage

Here are some other benefits of implementing a new school signage strategy:

  • Signage is also critical in forming a communal identity, and making children (and others) feel that they belong to a school community
  • Use school signage to celebrate achievements – from OFSTED reports to a set of successful exam rates.
  • Safety signage is obviously critical for things like indicating fire exits and muster points, or for highlighting areas of the school that are staff only
  • Good school signage also helps reduce bottlenecks of pupils in corridors at busy times like lesson changeovers, so that everyone makes their next class on time. Tell children which side of the corridor to walk on, and which direction to travel in. (Clearly at the moment, when all schools are aiming to reduce crowding and human traffic jams, this is especially important.)
  • Whatever your core values as a school, the right interior and exterior signage can help reinforce them as part of your overall school branding strategy, reassuring parents and reminding pupils. You can also incorporate your school logo or crest.

If you’re in the process of refurbishing or decorating your buildings, school signage may not be the top thing on your mind. But don’t underestimate the impact it can have when you make creative use of things like whole wall wraps, floor graphics or some nifty window decals among other clever graphic design tools.

Obviously, there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to design school signage, but you will need to think about the message you’re conveying with your signs. Equally, it’s definitely worth thinking about consistency and keeping your designs within your institution’s overall colour scheme and branding.

Some Ideas for Your School Signage

At Rocket Graphics, we’re signage specialists and have installed signs and other graphics at many different academic sites for pupils of all ages across the UK.

So we’re well placed to offer a few ideas about making your school look fantastic through vibrant graphics. Here are some of them to get you thinking:

  • Incorporating learning within creative designs: Depending on the age of your pupils, some element of learning could be incorporated into your signage. That could be letters for younger children, or an equation in a sign on a maths classroom, for example.
  • Add plants or a growing wall: ‘Living’ or ‘green’ walls with vegetation growing on them have numerous benefits, from reducing urban temperatures to noise reduction and removing air pollutants. There are also positive benefits in terms of enhanced creativity and productivity and impact on physical and mental health.
  • Full wall wraps: Use a large format printing company such as Rocket Graphics and commission some whole-wall wraps to transform an entire partition with colour, creativity, information with perhaps some inspirational messaging as well.
  • Getting creative with window graphics: These are a cost-effective way of making an impact while also, for example, covering up an uninspiring view out of a window. Unleash your creativity!
  • Floor graphics: From wayfinding signage to social distancing indicators to fun hopscotch markers, floor graphics present countless opportunities. Usually made from vinyl or comprising acrylic signage, again this is a cost-effective way of having maximum impact.
  • Create reading, relaxation or sensory areas: Using wall wraps, clever lighting, window graphics, acrylic signage and the like, you can transform an entire section or corner of a room to create a reading or other type of learning space, or a sensory teaching area.
  • Even school gates can conceal unimpressive views and enhance privacy while helping to create a feeling of calm with some cunning, colourful design.

Looking to give your school a makeover?

At Rocket Graphics, as mentioned, we’ve helped improve the general atmosphere in schools through the power of brilliant signage and graphics. We could help your school, too, with high-quality exterior and interior signage. And as a large-format printing firm, we have the resources to do things like digital cutting and so on.

Talk to us about your school signage today.