Hospitality Graphics: Why They Matter

Hotel Graphics & Signage at The Langley Hotel & Spa

If you’re in the hospitality or hotel trade, you’ll know just how competitive the industry can be especially in an age in which reputations can be made or broken in seconds with online customer reviews.

But if your hotel, restaurant or bar sets itself apart with the right signage, branding and graphics, that will do a great deal to distinguish your brand from the competition as well as enhancing the experience for your guests, including helping them find their way around.

Hotel Graphics: Feel the Benefits

As well as helping to brand a hotel and give out a consistent message, graphics set the mood for guests the minute they set foot inside the place. In a chain or group of hotels, graphics need to be used in the same way in each location.

Key Benefits of Hotel & Hospitality Signage

  • It may sound obvious, but information graphics and wayfinding signage help guests find their way around the various parts of a hotel such as the reception area and restaurant, without having to ask staff for directions. This type of hospitality signage needs to be clear and smart, but can still express your brand’s personality while being functional.
  • Information graphics extend to things like giving details of pricing and rates and, again, can do so effectively and smartly.
  • Hospitality graphics contribute to the ambience of a particular location in a hotel. That’s especially true in a modern business venue where there perhaps aren’t that many features or other ways of creating an atmosphere. You may want brighter, more energising corporate graphics for a gym area or conference room, but a softer feel to relax the mood in the restaurant, lobby or spa.
  • You can use corporate signage and banners throughout a hotel, including outside the building, to promote special offers to guests and other visitors.
  • In conference and event rooms, in particular, graphics can do a great deal to boost a professional image. People tend to be in these areas for several hours, after all, so will have time to take notice. Equally, it’s a way of getting your brand’s message firmly across to those who are not guests but just visiting the hotel for a meeting.

How Rocket Graphics Works in the Hotel Industry

At Rocket Graphics, we use our extensive technical knowledge and considerable expertise to help hotels craft a unique message that conveys their brand’s true colours. We specialise in large format printing and all forms of signage and brand implementation in the hospitality industry, offering signage in a range of materials from smart-looking brushed-metal signs to backlit signage and lightboxes.

We can also help with acrylics signage and interior and exterior signage, vinyl wall graphics as well as window graphics – and even designs for floor graphics if you’re after something a little more quirky. And we have a particular specialism in graphics for conference and event rooms.

Our team provides advice and help every step of the way, from initial concept through to design and installation.

Our work at The Carrick, Loch Lomond

Rocket Graphics created and installed internal and external signage for the prestigious Carrick venue on Loch Lomond.

As per our brief, we made use of locally sourced natural materials in this project’s design and manufacture. That included riven slate, honed granite and a local hardwood, together with brushed stainless steel, to create a high-quality product that was fully in tune with its surroundings.

We could help turbo-charge your hospitality graphics, too. Call Rocket today for a chat or drop us a message.