How Sustainable Signage Could Help Get Us Off the ‘Highway to Climate Hell’

In 2022, sustainability issues had been higher on the agenda than usual as world leaders gathered in Egypt for COP27, the 27th United Nations Climate Change conference. Here, UN secretary general António Guterres told delegates we are rapidly approaching the point where climate chaos will be irreversible.

In a stark warning, he stressed:

“We are on a highway to climate hell with our foot on the accelerator.”

If reports from COP27 and elsewhere have left you reeling, you’re certainly not alone. And it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or powerless. But the reality is that everyone can do something to help limit climate change – from the way we travel, to how we use energy and eat.

For businesses, one thing which can be easy to forget about is signage. But if you want to have a firm sustainability plan in place, and be sure you stick to it, branding is an excellent place to start. And the signs you use should form a key part of your plans to be environmentally friendly and be seen to be so. It could be the perfect first step towards being more fully sustainable – equally, it’s a form of tangible action, rather than just uttering more well-meaning words or putting a token statement on your website.

It can be easy to forget, too, that it’s also good business. One study by leading brand Unilever found that a third of consumers will choose to purchase from brands they believe benefit the planet.

How Can Signage Be Greener?

In truth, this is easier than you may have initially thought. Digital or solar-powered signs are two great examples of an eco-friendlier type of sign for your business, reducing waste while remaining highly effective in terms of the impression they create and making your premises stand out.

Another key consideration is to think more carefully than you may have done previously about the materials you use. Responsibly sourced wood, bamboo (technically a grass), fully recyclable aluminium and cardboard or paper (for indoor use) are all great examples of substances which won’t harm the planet when used in your signage.

You can even use plants, foliage, moss and other greenery to bring signage vividly to life using literally greener materials to form a ‘living wall’.

In truth, there are just as many options for ‘green’ signs as there are for traditional ones, but with added peace of mind that you’re being gentler on the environment.

So, essentially, sustainable signage is not just the right thing to do; it’s also good for your business, sending a message to employees, customers and others that you take your responsibilities to the environment seriously.

Giving Sustainable Signage a Boost with Rocket Graphics

At Rocket Graphics, we’re absolutely determined to play our part in helping to increase sustainability in the printing industry which, frankly, hasn’t always had the best reputation on environmental friendliness.
And we believe in actions rather than words. So we want to be as gentle on the environment as we possibly can, but also to lead by example and encourage our clients to do the same with high-quality sustainable signage for their businesses.

So we keep our own carbon footprint as low as possible in all our production processes at our premises in Watford, near London. Additionally, our central location means that our journeys to customers across the UK are as short as possible, further minimising the sizes of our carbon footprint. Plus our waste materials are recycled and not burnt.

At the same time, we offer recycled signage with the same effectiveness and quality as traditional models, made from sustainable or recycled materials. And this category of product is proving highly (and increasingly) popular with our customers – indeed, they’re proving a real talking point. We’re determined to push and expand this range as much as possible.

At the same time, we’re members of isla, which works with a range of organisations to help the event industry become more sustainable.

Talk to us today about sustainable signs for your organisation. Of course, doing this may seem a small step, and clearly the problems the world faces are grave. But by taking a closer look at eco-friendly signage, you’re making a strong start at a time when everyone needs to play their part.