How to Make Hoarding Signage Stand Out

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If you’re wondering how to make hoarding signage stand out, you’re not alone – it’s something people often ask us. Hoarding is essentially a temporary fence, typically made of boards and placed around an area where people are building. And hoarding has long provided a cost-effective, sturdy solution for covering unsightly building works while at the same time maximising the space to advertise or generate excitement ahead of a new development, local attraction or other project. Hoarding boards also enhance public safety while significantly boosting a brand and showcasing its style and quality. In fact, there are many more creative opportunities provided by construction site hoarding boards than you may have realised.

Your construction site hoarding signage, for example, can have varied textures among other features. And it’s a great chance for you to get creative with the wording you use, meaning that hoarding boards can always be so much more than merely functional.

If anything, that’s been more the case than ever in recent years, with more and newer creative techniques emerging to do with hoarding graphics all the time.

Given the size of hoarding boards, these construction site graphics are typically made by large format printing and production firms.

What Are The Main Uses Of Hoarding Signage?

Generally speaking, as mentioned, construction site hoarding is used to cover the perimeter of a building site, for example where work on a new housing development or a facility such as a cinema or shopping centre is underway.

However, hoarding signage also has a role to play on occasions such as big sporting events and other outdoor events.

How Can I Make My Hoarding Graphics Stand Out?

In fact there, are numerous ways of making your hoarding signage grab attention, so that it does more than just cover construction work and keep a project under wraps until you can reveal what it is. Used well, these construction site graphics can be an extremely effective advertising and branding tool.

#1 Backlit hoarding

This is especially useful for your hoarding boards if you particularly want them to be highly visible from some way off at night; for example if your project is happening in autumn or winter or there’s a road nearby which is used heavily in the evenings. You can light up letters, shapes, patterns and other branded graphics via LED panels and hidden lightboxes to make a considerable impact.

#2 Textured hoarding

Consider using different textures in your construction site graphics, from artificial grass on some of your hoarding boards to geometrical shapes and designs. Or how about some built-up lettering?

#3 3D hoarding

Thought construction site hoarding had to be just one-dimensional? Think again! You can use digitally cut lettering or shapes made from anything from acrylic to hoarding boards. This adds depth and dimension to your construction site graphics for maximum impact. Alternatively, you could have a 3D trim around your signage.

#4 Digital hoarding

This is another idea if you really want to make your presence felt – construction site hoarding certainly doesn’t have to be flat and static. It’s perfectly possible to incorporate digital screens with text and imagery into hoarding signage. You could have your hoarding graphics completely taken up with digital walls, or create an attention-grabbing display by having them take up just some of your hoarding boards.

#5 Tall hoarding

You don’t need to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to construction site hoarding signage. Some sections can be taller than others, for example you may need higher hoarding boards in some places to cover particular areas of the works.

#6 Living hoarding

‘Living’ walls incorporating greenery or plant life are increasingly popular as part of hoarding signage and similar graphic installations. Consider this idea for your next project. Hoarding can feature full-length or partial living or artificial plant walls, or you could just have a small cut-out section involving growing plants. Either way, this kind of hoarding is bound to grab the attention of everyone who’s passing by – and it’s an environmentally friendly option at the same time.

#7 Custom-shaped hoarding

Contrary to what you may have thought, hoarding graphics don’t have to be straight or linear. It’s possible to cut out a huge variety of shapes digitally. Indeed, bespoke hoarding can ultimately be created in whatever shape you want.

Iconic fashion brand, Christian Dior, for example, had hoarding boards around one store formed into the shape of one of their famous handbags during a refurbishment project.

#8 Eco-friendly hoarding

Again, this is increasingly popular. It’s possible to have a sustainable solution that’s gentle on the environment, thanks to the use of materials such as fully recyclable uPVC. (In the past, traditional timber hoarding boards have quite often ended up in the skip.) They’re also sturdy enough to be used again on a different project if needed.

Looking For a Construction Site Hoarding Company?

As a large format printing company, we at Rocket have a solid reputation across the building industry. We’ve worked with big-brand clients including the likes of Taylor Wimpey and Berkeley Homes to supply construction site hoarding signage, while also working across the retail, leisure and entertainment sectors.

We have all the latest technology to make large-format printing designs for bespoke hoarding a reality, and love working with our clients and helping them come up with highly creative designs and bringing their branding ideas to life. Give us a call today about what we could do for your construction site graphics, so that your hoarding boards don’t end up being a