Our Recent Social Distancing Signage Installs

Hotel Social Distancing Signage Installation

In recent months, social distancing and Covid-19 safety signage have become part of the landscape, and at Rocket, we’ve been helping businesses across numerous sectors prepare for the easing of lockdown restrictions by producing and installing it. As daily life remains transformed for most of us, organisations have had to adapt virtually overnight. While shops opened in England and Northern Ireland in mid-June, ‘essential’ shops like supermarkets have had to fit social distancing signage even more rapidly.

Other organisations, such as schools, or shops in Wales and Scotland, who at the time of writing were aiming to reopen in the weeks and months ahead, have been putting extensive effort into their planning to keep visitors, staff and pupils safe.

Some of Our Recent Covid-19 Safety Signage Installations

Social Distancing Retail Signage and Floor Graphics in Bed Store

At Rocket, we’ve been advising clients and installing a wide range of social distancing desk screens and partitions, signs and many other safety products in different settings in numerous sectors and industries across the UK. Among other things, for example, we’ve fitted social distancing floor graphics, checkout guards and screens and roller banners in retail areas, as well as sanitising stations and floor and wall vinyl graphics to boost staff safety in offices.

Sports Branding and Stadium Social Distancing Signage

Fans have rejoiced at the return of live sport in recent weeks, although of course events must still take place behind closed doors, i.e. without spectators present. But many are televised, meaning branding remains important, while venues across the country are assessing how they can eventually welcome back the crowds.

At Rocket, we’re well used to working with venues and clubs and producing sports signage. We’ve been working with rugby clubs such as Saracens and London Irish, at Lord’s cricket ground and with household-name football teams like Watford and Manchester United, for whom we’re providing dressing room graphics cladding as part of Operation Restart which is getting the Premier League going again. Oxford United and Stevenage are among other football sides we’ve helped.

Products we’ve fitted for our sports and stadium social distancing signage installs include social distancing wayfinding graphics and signs, plus branding on seats for the TV cameras at Watford, fitted by our eight-strong team.

In sports venues, we can also add vinyl graphics for the floor, plus high-quality banners for effective crowd management.

Social Distancing Office Signage and Structures

Social distancing office desk partitions

In an office setting, quality safety signage and similar products form a key part of welcoming staff back to their place of work, making employees feel safe and valued, and showing that, as an employer, you take their welfare seriously. This type of safety signage also reminds workers to remain 2m apart at all times, while sanitising stations also help reduce the spread of infection.

We’ve been working in various office locations UK-wide, providing social distancing desk screens, plus social distancing floor graphics and vinyl graphics on walls.

In these settings, we’ve worked for some household names including at multiple sites for BAE Systems and the government’s UK visa offices across the country.

Hospitality COVID-19 Signage

Restaurant social distancing till screen installed at Billy's on The Beach

As the industry gears up for reopening, Covid-19 safety signage and social distancing screens are key to it being able to do so safely. We’ve helped numerous entertainment venues, hotels, restaurants and bars with theirs, including The Brewery on London’s Chiswell Street, plus ten Etc venues nationwide. At Wyboston Lakes Resort, Bedfordshire, we’ve provided a range of social distancing tools including reception screens and safety signage outside meeting rooms and restaurants.

Finally, we have delivered social distancing products at various sites for the De Vere Group, which runs country estate hotels and modern exec centres across the UK. (At the same time, we took the chance to upgrade some of this client’s other signage, thus killing two birds with one stone.)

Social distancing Signage for Car Dealerships

Social distancing floor graphics in Volvo car dealership

Car dealers reported good business after being allowed to reopen across England in early June, after more than two months of enforced closure. Clearly, given that more of their space is outdoors, it was easier for these venues to reopen before other retail settings.

At Rocket, we’ve provided social distancing wayfinding graphics and safety signage for our client Volvo, working in their London dealerships.

Hospital Social Distancing Signage

Obviously, hospitals are particularly important places in which to get Covid-19 safety signage right to reduce infection rates, protect staff, patients and visitors and ensure that people who may be infected from entering without specific instruction about what to do. Signs need to be clear, professional and unambiguous.

Rocket is pleased to be working with several NHS trusts on this type of safety signage and other graphics, including Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire and Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in London. (In some of these settings, we’ve also, again, used the chance to update general signage as well.)

School Safety Signage

Schools planning on returning to fuller capacity need to think about safety signage. Children need to be able to respond to school social distancing signage and understand it, and it needs to be age-appropriate. More than adults, they also need to be reminded consistently to wash hands and to stay apart from other kids. At Rocket we supply and fit bright, clear products for all age groups and have worked with 38 schools up and down England, from Plymouth to Bradford, working closely with each one to respond properly to their individual requirements.

Looking for Social Distancing Safety Signage and Graphics?

At Rocket, we’re large-format printing and digital production specialists with extensive industry experience in myriad settings and sectors. You can see from the above that just about every organisation needs to consider this type of safety signage, alongside protective screens, sanitising stations, floor and wayfinding graphics, if it is to return to any sort of ‘new’ normality. The reality is that Covid-19 is likely to be with us in some form for a long time.

So we’ve helped many organisations with their office and retail social distancing signage, and we could help you, too. Call us today for a chat about what you need, and we’ll take it from there.