Retail Graphics & Signage Trends For 2019

Retail Signage Trends For 2019 Blog Image

We’re two months in, so it’s a good point to assess how 2019 is going to shape up, and what the big retail graphics trends are likely to be across the retail sector between now and December.

It’s certainly a year that’s finally got off to a decent start for retailers after a less than stellar Christmas, with an expectation-defying 1% rebound in retail sales in January, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Above all, the world remains dominated by online shopping, so the challenge for geographical stores is creating unique visual experiences which draw customers back, time and time again.

As reported in the Retail Gazette, shops which focus on an omnichannel approach across instore and online sales, and who adapt to new consumer preferences, are the likeliest to survive and thrive. At the same time, branding has never been more important.

Things like ‘click and collect’, for example, allowing customers to order goods online then get them from a physical store, have helped geographical shops fight back against web-based retailers – these sales are up 47%.

Here are some of the other ways we think shops will be fighting back this year:

Bold Colours

Think strong, attention-grabbing hues and colour blocking for things like your custom wallpaper, with zones of different shades. At the same time, anything which gives a feeling of returning to nature is also likely to prove popular, such as greys, browns and greens.

Home From Home

With people increasingly shopping online, at home, you should be a hit if you go for anything creating a homely feeling – such as comfy sofas and cushions or warm, thick carpets. Shoppers are more likely to linger, too!

Supersize Your Space

Successful stores will be optimising their use of space to create ever bigger, more impressive displays to show off the best displays.

Incorporating Products Into Displays

Combine products with shop displays using top-quality fabric graphics so that your displays blend seamlessly with the products they’re advertising for a streamlined look.

Appeal To All Five Senses

For a truly unique experience, create something immersive. That means appealing to all five senses with fragrances, effective lighting, non-annoying music, and perhaps visual stimulation in the form of a wall screen.

Vinyl Floor Graphics

We mentioned colours previously. Consider co-ordinating your chosen shades with those of your floors, and matching shop floors with displays. Why not introduce some stunning vinyl floor graphics while you’re about it?

Wayfinding retail graphics, laid out in stylish vinyl on the floor, are great for showcasing seasonal events or particular promotions. Use mid, short or long-term floor graphics and wall coverings as part of an attention-grabbing graphic installation.

Outside short-term promos, floor graphics are great for directing customers to other areas of a store or changing rooms and the like.

Window Graphics

These are popular, versatile forms of retail graphics. Above, we mentioned supersizing your space. This idea could extend to having bigger and better window displays and vinyl window graphics or digitally printed wall graphics in a large-format print to grab attention.

Tension Fabric Systems

Tension fabric systems, often used with lightboxes, are another trick graphic installers have up their sleeves. They are cost-effective to update, and provide unrivalled image quality and vibrancy.

If you’re not aware of this method, it’s a way of displaying graphics in a number of structures. It consists of a printed graphic with a silicon edge stitched onto the outside of the print, which is then inserted into a channel with a tension fabric system that stretches the fabric across the display.

How Rocket Graphics Can Help

At Watford-based Rocket Graphics we can help with interior graphics to make your retail unit knock spots off the competition, whether you need stand-out wall wraps or some visually stunning acrylic graphics for your walls and beyond.

Talk to us about signage and brand implementation today – we have extensive experience in the retail sector with household-name clients including Alpine, the US footwear brand Merrell and the flagship MM’s World store in London’s Leicester Square.