Rocket Announces New Sustainability Partnership With Isla

We Are Isla and Rocket Graphics Sustainability Partnership

At Rocket, we’re delighted to announce our new partnership as a founder member with Isla, a recently launched movement designed to accelerate the large-scale event and print industry’s transition to a more sustainable future.

Sustainability and concern for the environment are increasingly recognised as issues across the printing and events sectors, as we all become more aware of our carbon footprints, waste generated and so on. And that’s especially true of large-format printing since this field uses an above-average level of materials.

At Rocket, we reckoned this year was the ideal time to help bring about some real change, since 2021 feels a decisive moment in the global push on climate change – with US President Joe Biden pledging to cut carbon emissions by 50 – 52% below 2005 levels by 2030, and the UK hosting COP26, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference, in November in Glasgow. Meanwhile, the recent Earth Day seemed to be more high-profile than ever. And, this month, the UK announced new commitments to slash carbon emissions by 78% by 2035.

So we’re proud to be part of a key movement in this vital international drive in an industry which often only needs its materials for a finite period of time; even non-event based print materials, such as building hoarding boards, for example, are only in place temporarily.

Who Are Isla?

Isla works with myriad brands and agencies as well as suppliers and organisers to help promote a more environmentally robust future in the following ways:

  • Standardising methods and measurements so everyone works to the same parameters
  • Learning from other sectors which have taken significant steps forward in this area
  • Meeting demands from clients as well as consumers
  • Offering the support and guidance needed to make long-term, positive and tangible changes

Above all, Isla works across the industry to bring organisations together, since no business can solve all the challenges together. Joining forces is the only way to make a real difference.

Why we think Isla Will Help Printers Become More Sustainable

We believe that Isla will encourage sustainability across our industry by levelling the playing field so that all contractors and clients buy in to the issues involved, and take them seriously. Inevitably, there is a cost to this, and we believe that Isla can help make all clients and contractors appreciate the extra expenses involved in using recycled or more sustainable materials are a price worth paying.

We believe it’s incredibly important that we get all parties to buy in to the notion of this additional cost, as well as the extra expense of recycling materials, for example, once they’re no longer needed after an event. This is where Isla, and our membership of it, have key roles to play – and we believe such buy-in is the best way of engaging clients to think more sustainably when it comes to their print production.


What Rocket is Already Doing to Address Sustainability and Reduce Waste and The Use of Harmful Materials

We actively see out and use ‘green’ or recyclable alternatives across our main media range, without ever compromising on quality, thanks to the latest technology. We’ve found that we can use these materials whatever the situation, including at major sporting events or big-name exhibitions.

And we’re strong believers in minimising waste, sourcing materials responsibly, energy-efficient production processes and avoiding chemicals which could be harmful. We also strive to make as few journeys by road as possible.

That’s why we use materials like bubble and honeycomb board and PVC-free vinyl in our eco signage efforts.

Sustainable Large Format Printing Materials We Offer

As part of our drive to exclusively use eco graphics, we’re pleased to produce large format graphics with the following materials:

  • Bubble board – Usually comprising three layers, bubble board is a polypropylene material which replaces PVC and plastic foam signage. It resists water and is easily storable, as well as being cost-effective. It’s also great to use indoors and outside.
  • PVC Free vinyl – This obviously replaces PVC, which contains a lot of chlorine, potentially causing contamination and pollution.
  • Honeycomb board – This is robust yet light and also affordable, as well as versatile. It’s chlorine-free, and the additives used in its production are organic and water-based. Honeycomb board is ideal for retail and again can be used indoors or outside.

At the same time, we source all our wood, metal and paper responsibly, and insist that they’re biodegradable. Meanwhile, if you want a flag for a building development or exhibition stand, we can supply them made from 100% post-consumer waste material.

In terms of what we can actually recycle, we have 5m black backing board, Vision soft-coated fabric, Kalavan PVC-free banner for materials, 5.7mm Triaprint bubble board, 3m PVC-free SAV and Xanita honeycomb board. We also use high-tenacity, recycled polyester.

Of these our favourites are definitely bubble board and the Breta black backing board, both of which provide an identical print finish, with similar handling and installation.

Want to Know More About Isla?

Rocket is genuinely proud to be part of the Isla movement and to play a role in making real change in an industry which, if we’re honest, is still playing catch-up in this area. We fully appreciate that, while a lot has been achieved, much remains to be done within our sector.

Sustainable printing isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s good business, helps with compliance and generally makes us all feel happier and more positive about what we’re doing.

Want to know more? You can visit Isla’s website, or follow them on social media. Equally, we’d be pleased to talk to you if you’d like to know about sustainable large-format printing for your own organisation – get in touch today to learn more.