Take your advertising on the road with vehicle branding and fleet wraps

Benefits of Vehicle Wrapping and Fleet Branding

If you’re not already using vehicle wraps in your fleet branding, you could be missing out on a vital opportunity. These kinds of vinyl graphics allow your cars and vans to work hard for you advertising your brand on the road, while an unbranded vehicle does nothing to promote your business.

Car wraps can cover a whole vehicle, or you could go for a single vinyl graphic displayed on just one area of it. If you wanted to, for example, you could stick to a small logo in a back window showing just your phone number and website address.

What are the benefits of vehicle graphics?

Fleet graphics bring numerous benefits, some of which you may not have thought of before:

Get your brand known

Eye-catching car wraps are great at grabbing attention, and this kind of branding provides excellent advertising on the move. Reach a wider audience of potential customers who may not otherwise have known about you, especially if your business works very locally. Once they’re in place, vehicle wraps are an ongoing, effortless and cost-effective brand awareness exercise that really reinforces your business’s corporate identity. The best of these wraps are hard to miss, and really make your brand stand out.

Spruce up an older vehicle

If you have vehicles in your fleet that run perfectly well, but which are slightly older models, fleet wraps can do wonders for the appearance of these cars and vans. Vehicle branding with sharp, colourful graphics will instantly make the model look so much better, especially if it is not brand new. And, by the way, if you have scratches, a vehicle wrap can cover them – equally, it will safeguard against further scratching by offering a protective layer.  At the same time, the vehicle’s original paint colour is protected with this type of brand implementation.

Easily installed and updated

This kind of vehicle branding is both easy to do and cost-effective. But you may well move premises at some point, or get a new phone number or website address, or perhaps you’ll have a news special offer to promote? While airbrushed or painted-on visuals can be tricky to change, with vinyl vehicle wraps you can update information really easily, as and when you need to.

Gain a more professional appearance immediately

A smartly branded vehicle gives a great first impression when it turns up at someone’s house and they open the door to you. Your business instantly looks more professional. Equally, there’s a lot to be said for the consistency of this vehicle branding as customers see multiple cars out and about, all bearing the same branded vinyl graphics.

Fleet branding with Rocket Graphics

At Watford-based graphic installers Rocket Graphics, we offer vinyl graphics and vehicle branding across London and UK-wide, to a consistently high standard. We recently branded 150 Nurture vans for The Nurture Group, the nationwide landscape, horticulture and grounds maintenance contractor.

Here’s how we work with this type of graphic installation to guarantee quality:

  • We collect, brand and return vehicles very quickly, so you fleet is back on the road as promptly as possible
  • We insist on only using materials of the best quality
  • We operate strict quality control and colour management systems
  • We’re always happy to apply car wraps to new vehicles as they join your fleet

Talk to us about car graphics for your fleet today – and make sure your vehicles are working hard for you when they’re out and about.