Window Graphics: A window of opportunity, thanks to the great vinyl revival!

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We’re not talking about old-fashioned records getting their groove back here (excuse the pun) but window graphics or window decals, often made from vinyl, are increasingly being used to catch customers’ attention and communicate your brand’s philosophy to employees. Let’s face it, office windows can otherwise be a wasted space which no one pays much attention to until they need cleaning. Yet there are many ways you can use glazing creatively to support your office branding, enhance your reputation and make your premises look more attractive.

What are Vinyl Graphics for Windows?

Essentially, window graphics consists of high-resolution imagery printed onto a piece of opaque or clear vinyl to give a perfect finish, the latter allowing light to shine through and create an effect of stained glass. Vinyl window graphics can be used on any internal or external glazed area within your premises, be it an office or a retail store. And whatever image you want your brand to portray, from modern to nostalgic, playful or serious, you can convey it through your choice of design. Of course, you can also create and incorporate graphics with your own logo, brand colours and fonts to complement the rest of your branding.

Uses of Window Graphics

As well as conveying a clear advertising message, window graphics can be used in the following ways:

  • To make areas such as meeting areas, kitchens or any other spaces private if they would otherwise be on public view – window graphics can also help differentiate the different sections of an office and are a great tool for office branding and signage.
  • Equally, if the view outside is less than salubrious, a graphic window installation can help cover that up, whether is be a retail store, hairdressers, restaurant or cafe.
  • In conferences, exhibitions and other temporary installations, or for publicising short-term offers and promotions, for example at Christmas, as well as the build-up to launching these.
  • Maximising efficient use of space, and doing so cost-effectively
  • Encouraging more footfall to your business by helping your premises to stand-out
  • Given that larger areas should be glazed to stop people bumping into them (it happens!), window decals can also enhance safety. (Building regulations state that any full-height glass in windows, partitions or doors must be marked with the words ‘glass manifestation’, but graphics mean you can alert the presence of glass more attractively.) Covered windows also provide an element of protection from UV rays.
  • Having information on window graphics at eye level helps people to find you – you can also use them to indicate exits and entrances

What About the Other Benefits of Using Window Decals?

In a retail graphics context, particularly, another key advantage is that you can dramatically reduce your advertising budget by not having to pay to display your message elsewhere. The versatility of window graphics is also a great benefit. Showcase your products, services or perhaps include your opening hours or your website address on these retail graphic displays, especially in bigger shops with larger windows. Equally, they can be used in offices and corporate buildings as well as in modern housing developments.

Want to Know More About Window Vinyl Graphics?

At Rocket Graphics, this is what we do! We specialise in large format printing and can help you make vinyl window graphics or other graphics a key part of your brand implementation. As experienced graphic installers, office, retail graphics and signage are second nature to us. Previously, we’ve helped big-name clients to create many different stunning visual effects when working on their interior graphic installations.

You can see in some of the examples of some recent window graphics we installed at a conference where the imagery framed the view over the Thames and another example where the sun shines through a forest setting, again with the Thames behind it! We also applied window graphics as part of the office branding and signage for Subsea 7. We could do something similar for your brand – get in touch today.