Signs of Success: Why office signage matters

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When you think about corporate branding, it can be easy to focus on external-facing elements, from logo design to social media and letterheads. Yet what you have on the walls of your office is just as important.

But office branding and signage is about much more than sticking a logo on the wall and assuming the job’s done. It’s also about inventive and effective use of corporate colours and incorporating these into varied patterns and textured surfaces with different materials to create a productive, harmonious workplace.

You can use this kind of branding across your premises, from the car park to the cafeteria, the reception area to meeting rooms.

Why is Office Branding so Important?

Get your office branding and signage right and you’ll reap rich rewards. Here are just some of them:

A Professional Atmosphere

When someone visits your building, perhaps as a potential customer or employee, while it may sound a cliché, first impressions really do count – and they’re formed quickly.

Let’s not forget that signs exist above all to give information. Clear, relevant and helpful signage around a building creates the impression that you are equally organised with the rest of your business. Conversely, if it’s confusing, visitors may well wonder what else you get wrong if you can’t get basic signage right.

Staff Motivation

Strong office branding motivates employees and enhances productivity and loyalty so that those who work in your offices truly feel part of the organisational culture. They’ll enjoy having a comfortable, creative space in which to do their best work. This kind of branding helps foster a good sense of belonging and identity while setting the mood for the whole office.

A Consistent Message

Office branding and signage helps to shape corporate identity and culture by providing consistency. The highest quality corporate signs on the outside of your building are rendered irrelevant if they are not followed through with the same quality inside.

Whatever your brand personality, whether it’s modern and dynamic, as reflected in snazzy backlit graphics, or more on the traditional side, which could incorporate something like steel or timber signs, the message needs to be identical across all branding so your work environment flows.

Lingering Quality

Invest in quality signage using high-grade acrylic graphics or similar and you’ll find that a sense of loyalty stays with your customers as well as employees. At the same time, people will leave your building with the sense that your work is of high quality, and that you are fully committed to it.

Our Approach at Rocket Graphics

Many techniques and materials are available on today’s signage market, from vinyl graphics to laser-cut brushed steel graphics among others. Remember that internal windows and glass partitions are other good places for branding, and, with modern window graphics, these areas can look really stylish.

At Rocket Graphics, we’re highly experienced in all large format printing techniques and more, producing outstanding office signs and other branding in a wide range of settings in London and the UK as well as around the world, across many different industry sectors.

Recent projects have included working with our client Handsome Brands and installing office branding and signage for Subsea 7, which serves the offshore energy industry. We worked on their new 150,000 sq ft office space, and brought this client’s design concepts to life with a variety of production methods, including 3D signage and vinyl window graphics, with a sea and oil rigs theme throughout.

We could help you with office signage and branding, too – talk to us today.