Finishing and Mounting

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Operating from our Watford workshop, we serve clients across the UK and globally, continually investing in the latest technology to ensure top quality.

What does finishing & mounting refer to?

Finishing and mounting are the final touches that make your project stand out.

Finishing includes folding and cutting, lamination, creasing and scoring, digital cutting, drilling, shrink-wrapping, and more, making your graphics durable and functional.

Mounting presents your project in its best light, ensuring it’s displayed exactly as intended. These stages are crucial, as they ensure the final product accurately represents your vision, ready for exhibition, retail, or any setting.

Why choose Rocket?

Choosing Rocket means opting for a workshop where craftsmanship meets the cutting edge. We handle every aspect of finishing and mounting in-house, ensuring full control over quality and timing.

Our dedicated team works closely with the print department, providing bespoke services that meet deadlines without compromising on quality. From standard print finishing to fabric and textile finishing with industrial sewing and auto-eyelet press, we offer a comprehensive range of services to bring your vision to life.

Rocket prides itself on in-house completion of all finishing and mounting tasks, with a dedicated team and the latest technology ensuring every project meets our standards of quality and timeliness.

Yes! Our extensive investment in technology and skilled personnel allows us to meet bespoke finishing and mounting needs, from intricate fabric work to large format installations, ensuring your project stands out.

Our commitment to controlling the entire process under one roof, coupled with our investment in both our technology and our team, allows us to offer unmatched quality and service, tailored to each client’s specific deadlines and requirements.