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Nest Studios

A Comprehensive Branding and Accessibility Transformation in Dublin

Transforming office spaces into vibrant, accessible environments is one of our specialties at Rocket. For this particular project, we teamed up with Nest Studios to completely overhaul a new office building in Dublin.

Our focus was not only on aesthetic enhancement but also on ensuring compliance with accessibility standards. Join us as Phil Russell, our seasoned Project Manager, walks us through the intricate details of this ambitious undertaking.

Where was the job?

Dublin, Ireland

What was the project?

Branding a new office building and installing DDA frosted manifestations to all glazing over 5 floors.

Who is the client?

Nest Studios (who also produced the designs and are a long standing client of ours).

What was the brief?

For us to carry out initial survey of the new building and pass the information / advice on graphic specifications / fixing details to the client to enable them to create / design the content. Manufacture the graphics and sign.

What was the objective?
  • Provide frost vinyl manifestations to all glazing meeting DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) regulations.
  • General office branding.
  • Internal signage.
What materials/products have been used?
  • Cut frost vinyl.
  • Signage that met DDA regulations – with raised text anti-glare finish and braille.
  • Printed wallpaper.
  • Ano-printed images.Laser cut, stainless steel logos.
  • Fret cut and spayed finished acrylic logos.
  • Wall mounted tensioned frame systems with silicon beaded graphics.
  • Cut vinyls.
  • Printed acrylic panels on slimline brackets.
How much material was used?

220 linear metres of cut frost vinyl installed across 5 floors.

How many installers?

4 installers, plus myself onsite.

How long did the install take?

5 days.

Were there any challenges/particularly tricky parts to the job and how were they overcome?

Ensuring all brand guidelines where met and colour matching was correct across a range of different materials. We overcame this by carrying out colour matching tests both on print and paint. We also used all materials that were specified by the client.

Anything unique/special about this job?

I surveyed twice as the construction of the building progressed to gather information / measurements to ensure the install went smoothly and met client expectations.

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