Our commitment to a greener future

Empowering Sustainable Choices in Every Project

If you’ve been following us on social media or visited any other areas of our website, you’ll have realised that we’re somewhat passionate about sustainability.

We believe everyone should play their part in ensuring a more sustainable future and our industry plays a huge role in that. We want to support you in your own sustainability initiatives and make it easier for you to say “Yes, no worries!” to your boss or your clients when they say, “please make sure we’re making sustainable choices.”

We really do understand the importance of ensuring that we all play our part in protecting the future of our planet, especially businesses such as ours.

We have taken huge steps so far in our sustainability improvement program and we continue to further research and develop our facilities and products to support this initiative. We’re committed to making improvements, reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our eco-friendly alternatives.

Our journey towards environmental responsibility

Our achievements to date

  • In 2023 we opened our own recycling facility.
  • We offer recycling as a standalone service, making this initiative accessible to others in the industry.
  • We collect post-event materials for recycling.
  • All of our materials can now be recycled, enabling us to send ZERO to LANDFILL.
  • We provide recycling stillages to clients so that they can effectively recycle materials at their premises. When we deliver graphics for forthcoming projects, we rotate the stillages with empty ones and return the full stillages to our unit for recycling.
  • We now have a catalogue of environmentally friendly alternative materials available to our clients.