Acrylic Signage in Brand Implementation: How You Could Benefit

Acrylic Signage Benefits

You may not realise it, but acrylic signage is everywhere – you see this hugely popular and versatile material every day in signs and branding in offices, banks, shops and restaurants; the uses and benefits of acrylic signage are numerous. So if you’re not already utilising it in your branding strategy, now could be an excellent time to start.

So What Exactly is Acrylic?

Acrylic is essentially a clear, hard and solid plastic that looks similar to glass and is used in everything from signage to skylights and shower doors. It’s also available in a wide range of colours and opacities. Signage made from it typically has a glossy finish. This material is also stronger than glass, and it’s lightweight and shatterproof while also being long-lasting. It looks slick, and there are many ways of getting creative with acrylic signage, so it’s definitely the go-to material any time your company needs to show a touch of class.

Why does Acrylic Make Great Signage?

There are many different advantages of acrylic graphics when you use this material in your brand implementation strategy. Here, we try and take your through the main benefits of acrylic signage.


Because it has the flexibility to be moulded into many different shapes, acrylic is highly versatile stuff. Not only can it be used in interior and exterior signage applications, but you can etch or print on it too. And because this kind of signage can be opaque, translucent or transparent, you can use it in place of glass in myriad different settings. Equally, these varying degrees of transparency mean you can use spotlights or backlighting to create a completely different, unique look. Interestingly, around 92% of light passes through a sheet of acrylic, compared with 80% for a sheet of glass, allowing for some creative effects to be utilised.

You can also think in terms of backlighting, mounting or digitally cutting your acrylic signage, or using it in a large-format display. Equally, when it comes to colour, clearly consistency in branding is essential. With acrylics signage, you can colour-match across the full Pantone palette to get the shade and tone spot-on for your brand.

Finally, the versatility makes acrylic the smart choice for office branding or retail signage, as well as in corporate or hospitality signage.

A Sleek, Professional Finish

Whether you use it as office signage or anything else, acrylic always presents a sleek, professional look that can seriously boost your branding’s power and profile while conveying a consistently professional image.

Long-lasting, Durable and Weather-Resistant

Low-maintenance acrylic signage isn’t just easy to clean, look after and keep at its best. It’s also good at weathering the worst of the British climate, and resisting wear and tear over time. Equally, another of the benefits of acrylic signage is that it doesn’t tend to fade, even after fairly lengthy periods of use. Finally, because, unlike glass, it won’t break, it offers greater safety. And it can be quite happily used outside as well, so it’s an incredibly robust material.

High Impact

Whether used in corporate signage or anything else, bold acrylic signs will always have a strong impact, even from a distance or in a busy area such as a shopping centre. You have many choices for displaying it, from dramatic backlighting to standard printing or dye-cutting, but your company’s logo or other branded graphics will always stand out.

Lightweight and Transportable

Another of the advantages of acrylic signage is that acrylic is a very lightweight substance, much more so than some of the alternatives available on the market such as glass. That makes it easy to transport these signs to exhibitions or other events, pop them up and take them down again. It makes a huge difference to be able to do this quickly and without any hassle, as time is usually at a premium when you attend an event. And of course, you can’t break it, reducing the risk of injury and being left with unusable signs. So they’re the ideal choice and highly convenient if, say, you need temporary wayfinding signage.

Additionally, the light weight of this material makes the free hanging of acrylic signage a doddle.


Despite all the benefits of acrylics graphics and signage, it is actually surprising affordable, representing genuine value for money, not least because they can last for such periods and stay looking good. It’s cheaper to manufacture and install than glass, and needs less maintenance.

How Rocket Can Help With all Your Signage Needs

At Rocket Graphics, we’re with clients from initial idea through to installation, working with you at each stage to be sure we bring your vision for your brand vividly to life. With retail graphics for household names, signage and branding for top sports events (think the European Grand Prix or the Paris Air Show) and venues under our belts, we can help you whatever your industry or sector, and whatever you need.

Give us a call for a more detailed chat about the advantages of acrylic signage, and how we could turbo-charge your brand.