The Benefits & Uses of Hoarding Graphics & Signage

Benefits of Hoarding Signage - Creative Hoading Graphics in London

Hoarding signage and graphics are something we all come across all the time in our daily lives – on the way to work or when we’re out and about at the weekend, especially when passing building sites and new developments, be it commercial or residential. We probably don’t think about them too much, but the messages conveyed can often work on a subconscious level.

In fact, ‘hoarding’ is one of those terms that’s bandied about but would you be able to define exactly what it is (when not referring to the accumulation of too much stuff!)? If not, it’s probably best described as a temporary boarded fence, erected in a public area, typically a construction site.

Hoarding boards showcase advertising, while also safeguarding members of the public from potential hazards from the building works to promote health and safety. It’s actually compulsory to have hoarding signage, in many cases, but you can use these otherwise functional panels to great effect as a creative, cost-effective marketing tool. That way, clearly, you make the best possible use of all available space.

Hoarding tends to be made from freestanding panels or wooden painted boards.

Main Uses and Benefits of Hoarding Signage

It’s hardly surprising that marketers and developers alike are starting to see the massive sales potential of wide-format hoarding panels. Here are some of the main benefits of hoarding graphics and signage.

Hoarding Secures a Project

Regulations surrounding construction design and management state that all building firms must take steps to prevent unauthorised entry to their sites, including from trespassers or vandals. That means securing a perimeter around the works and installing appropriate hoarding signage boards before work begins. Equally, the Health and Safety Executive says companies must physically design site boundaries using appropriate signage.

At a music, sporting or similar event, hoarding stops people from sneaking into the site when they shouldn’t be there. At the same time, hoarding keeps a site looking tidy and is great for showcasing sponsorship adverts, hence generating revenue.

Public Protection

Hoarding protects the public from potential injury by providing a barrier between possible dangers, from building equipment to on-site vehicles, falling objects and similar hazards that are part and parcel of life on any construction site.

Keeps a Project Under Wraps

For any number of reasons, you may want to reveal your building project in all its glory only once it’s good and finished. Site hoarding means you can do just that, and work incognito while you need to. Equally, with the right hoarding graphics, you can blend your project into the surrounding area, so that you avoid any unnecessary exposure until you’re all ready for the big reveal.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Hoarding panels make for a cost-effective solution because they keep advertising and public protection costs nice and low. You can use this signage more than once if necessary, while the short installation time also enhances general cost-efficiency.

Hoarding Graphics can Stimulate Public Interest

With the right hoarding graphics, you can stir up lots of public interest in a soon-to-be-opened attraction or development, and spark plenty of excitement ahead of the grand opening.

Advertising and Marketing

Hoarding graphics are a massive help when it comes to brand recognition, thanks to the high public footfall and the panels’ strong visibility. These graphics make useful yet unobtrusive use of the available space, whether you go for something plain and straightforward or more attention-grabbing.

Use hoarding graphics to advertise the construction company and sell the particular project, whether it’s homes, shops or anything else. At sporting events, hoarding provides the ideal way to promote sponsors and their contribution.

Wayfinding Signage Opportunities

On a larger site, hoarding graphics can be useful in providing directional messages, such as indicating where the marketing suite or show homes are or directing footfall at large events. This can help stop people feeling frustrated before they’ve even looked around your development or event, as well as perhaps keeping them away from the more dangerous areas of a site when used in the construction industry.

Equally, functional messaging such as ‘hard hats must be worn’, ‘all site visitors must report to reception’ or ‘no unauthorised entry’ can also all be included on your hoarding. Here, obviously, the main thing is to have clear messaging that’s easily read and which looks smart and professional.

Above all, professional bespoke hoarding just enhances a space’s overall appearance so that it looks a lot better.

Hoarding Signage from Rocket Graphics

At Rocket, we install hoarding signage in a wide range of settings, from commercial building sites, for example at a retail development or a new block of flats, to major sporting events including golf’s 2018 Ryder Cup near Paris where we installed 3000km of perimeter hoarding to great effect.

Hoarding graphics make superb and cost-effective use of what would otherwise be ‘dead’ area. At Rocket, we work with clients to offer a personalised service to inject personality into their brand via vibrant, smart-looking hoarding. Let us work with you to come up with a solution that’s ideal for your specific needs, bearing in mind we specialise in these graphics for a wide range of clients. Give us a call today or drop us a message.