Keeping It Under Wraps: The Benefits of Construction Site Building wraps

Large Format Building Wrap Installed in London by Rocket Graphics for Commonwealth Games

Building wraps, which use large-format digital printing to cover a building, provide numerous benefits when deployed on a construction site.

If you’re not familiar with them, these wall wraps are among the highest-impact forms of outdoor advertising and are used to ‘dress’ a building that’s being renovated or is under construction. These construction site graphics provide a degree of weather protection while also improving the appearance of a construction site.

It’s possible to wrap all or just some sections of the site using this form of wide-format printing, while everything is produced to bespoke specifications.

Typically, wall wraps are lightweight PVC mesh wraps which allow light and air through (this also helps with wind resistance), and which are produced from a printer using large-format printing techniques.

What’s more, they’re versatile enough to come in myriad shapes, sizes and colours.

Uses of Large-Format Building Wraps

Construction site wall wraps can be beneficial in varied settings and have a number of uses.

You’ll see large-format wall wraps in the following places, among others:

  • Commercial construction sites – from shops or offices to new attractions, restaurants and car parks
  • New residential developments such as blocks of flats
  • Older or heritage site restorations

For any developer wanting to make a strong impression and have an impact ahead of a project launch, these construction site graphics can offer a semi-permanent advertising solution which stimulates interest throughout the construction phase, whatever the environment.

Wall Wraps: The Benefits

This type of construction site signage has a huge number of varied benefits, including:

1.Covering Unsightly Scaffolding

Construction site graphics can fit over scaffolding, which may be a vital part of the project’s development, but it doesn’t always look especially glamorous. Your project might need to be a building site for a while, but thanks to construction site wall wraps, that doesn’t mean it has to look like one.

Wall wraps create a professional look while reflecting the planned work and the way the construction scheme will appear when completed, and advertising the new business. And as well as covering scaffolding wraps can also be an excellent way to conceal the project until you’re able to reveal more – it’ll literally be tantalisingly under wraps!

Alternatively, you can even use striking wall wraps to recreate the look of the original construction if it’s undergoing renovation. These graphics can be surprisingly realistic in their appearance.

But, however you do it, just like hoarding signage, these wraps can seriously smarten up a building site’s appearance.

2. Weather Protection

At the same time, construction site wall wraps provide continuous membrane protection to construction schemes from weather damage. This potentially increases a building’s life, and safeguards against moisture and the harshest effects of UV rays. Equally, the mesh used in large-format wall wraps is designed to keep the worst of the wind off.

Rain is less likely to seep in, so moisture build-up in cavity walls should reduce, too.

3. Unrivalled Advertising and Branding

Scaffolding wraps offer a unique and striking opportunity to advertise, either for a new development or just in terms of general brand awareness. Use this highly visible space to start attracting potential customers and generating interest. After all, it’s space that would otherwise be unused or look unattractive, but it’s there for the taking.

4. Make a Statement

Especially if there is a lot of space and high footfall, you can use construction site wall wraps to tease people ahead of a new premises opening, and let them know what is arriving soon in the countdown to the launch.

You don’t necessarily have to blend in – go for an eye-catching design which can’t help but grab attention, especially somewhere like a busy shopping street, and make sure your project gets noticed for all the right reasons.

5. And That’s Not All…

Wall wraps also offer a number of other benefits, from greater control of airflow into a site to allow you to start interior work before finishing final external cladding, saving time. What’s more, large-format wall wraps are environmentally sustainable and can be recycled.

To Wrap Up …

If you’re looking for construction site building wraps or hoarding signage, Rocket Graphics is a large-format printing company with extensive experience in producing and installing these hoarding graphics. We can produce media in-house up to 5m wide.

We’ve made wall wraps for a wide range of sites and industries across the UK and beyond, as well as wayfinding and safety signage. We could help your project as a one-stop shop, too.

Whatever your vision for your wall wraps, we can help. Equally, if you’re not sure what your building wraps should look like, we’ll be glad to help with some inspiration.

Take the first step today towards making your building site look less like one so that it actively works to promote your brand. Drop us a line or give us a call, and we’ll take it from there.