How the right graphics can set your entertainment venue apart

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Whether you run an aquarium or a museum, a go-karting track or a theatre, the right graphics and stand-out signage can do more to boost customer footfall and enhance brand recognition at an entertainment venue than you may have realised.

In a competitive climate in which people increasingly have less spare cash to spend on leisure activities, it’s important to give your location a clear identity and promote your attractions with effective, attractive signage.

With the summer holiday rush just about over, but the weather still mild enough to do outside work comfortably, now could be the perfect time to rethink the graphics at your venue.

In any event, designs can always do with occasional but regular refreshing, to prevent a venue from looking tired and worn.

Benefits of An Effective Signage & Graphics Strategy in Entertainment Venues

Let’s have a look at the purpose this kind of visual branding serves.

Directing visitors

For some people, going to an event at or visiting a larger location can feel overwhelming, especially if they haven’t been there before. Graphics help, with wayfinding signage and posters, banners, banner stands and the like guiding visitors to the various attractions, their seating area, the exit or the toilets. It needs to be clear, unambiguous, highly visible and easy to read.

And, of course, if it’s easier for them to find the food outlets or the souvenir shop, in turn it will become easier for them to spend money there.

Providing information

Large-format print graphics are the ideal solution when it comes to giving those who visit your premises the information they need. That could be details of upcoming events, new attractions or exhibitions, special seasonal offers or membership or ‘Friend’ schemes. Information can be updated regularly or displayed long term.

Creating an atmosphere with every area of your venue

The right print graphics can do a great deal to set the scene at your venue, and to give a custom look that ties in with your brand and the image you want to project.

Remember that even floors are a wasted space if you don’t make the most of them with stunning floor graphics conveying short or long-term message, whether that’s promotional or informative.

At the same time, wall graphics provide a superb and consistent custom look that ties in with your image.

Additionally, there are graphic solutions for ceilings, while window graphics are yet another avenue to explore if you haven’t done so already. Again, these set mood, while window graphics are important for drawing in passers-by.

How We Can Help To Brand Your Venue

At Rocket Graphics, we specialise in large-format printing solutions that help create memorable customer experiences, whatever the size of your space, and whether you need help with indoor or outdoor graphics.

Our expertise covers a whole range of venues, including galleries, theme parks, art galleries and museums plus similar visitor attractions, sporting venues and events such as gigs and music festivals.

We’ll assess your space and chat you through some options before we do anything else, so that we can fully visualise the end result before we start work. We believe this to be a key part of helping clients realise their vision.

We’ve worked at massive venues such as Wembley, at smaller football grounds, at events such as Goodwood Festival of Speed, Farnborough and Paris Air Shows and at attractions such as M M&M’S World London, billed as the world’s biggest candy store! (Here the project included installing more than 250sq metres of wall graphics on two 33m walls, in just a few hours.) We could help you, too – talk to us about your vision for your entertainment venue today.