Uncovered: the different types of floor graphics

Social distancing floor graphics in Volvo car dealership

For many businesses, the floor area is quite a large, empty space. And flooring near the entranceway in shops in particular is often kept deliberately free of merchandise because shoppers take a few seconds to adjust to ‘being in a store’ and in purchasing mode before they put anything in their baskets.

That can mean the floor becomes an underused space, with missed opportunities for sales and marketing. Yet, done properly, floor graphics can make a significant difference in terms of branding and brightening up spaces, especially where the flooring would otherwise appear a little dull.

Floor decals also eliminate the problems which promotional stands and displays can cause if space is limited – these can sometimes get in the way and be obstructive when your customers are trying to shop.

At large-format printing experts Rocket Graphics, we specialise in retail signage and displays, exhibition graphics and stands, plus office branding, event signage and so on. So we thought we’d use this month’s blog to discuss floor signage and graphics, since it’s something our clients don’t always think of immediately.

Different types of floor graphics

Floor graphic types are more varied than you may have realised, and come in a range of shapes, designs, sizes and materials. Below, we look at some of the more common ones:

Vinyl-based floor decals

These are plastic, cloth, paper, or ceramic substrates with a pattern or image printed on them which can be moved to another surface on contact, typically by using heat or water. Floor decals are generally better for smaller designs and floor spaces. You can use these floor graphics inside and outside your premises, plus they’re ideal for areas of heavy footfall. What’s more, you can order them in die-cut custom shapes, and with a non-slip surface to help prevent slips and trips.

Foil-based floor graphics

In recent years, foil-based floor graphics have become very popular. They’re PVC-free, and recyclable, so are gentle on the environment, and more malleable if you have a textured floor, especially in an outdoor area.

Printed lino flooring

Forget the chilly, unappealing surfaces of bathrooms past! This is a much thick type of lino, and it makes great floor graphics for larger spaces, such as for an exhibition or other event, so at Rocket Graphics we’re always happy to use it.

Creative uses of floor graphics

As mentioned, it can be easy to overlook the floor in your premises. Make the space work for you and your business by incorporating floor signage and graphics into your brand implementation strategy.

Here’s how a large-format print firm like Rocket can help you to be unique and creative:

Wayfinding floor signage

One of the key uses of floor graphics is wayfinding signage. This can be especially helpful if you only have limited space for freestanding or wall signage. The option works particularly well as event signage in exhibitions and the like, and as part of retail displays. In supermarkets and other stores, retail signage strategies often incorporate floor signage as footprints and arrows to make the direction of travel clear. Use them to direct people to different store departments.

Using floor signage like this can also direct customers to particular products, notify them if your layout has changed, and help prevent bottlenecks and crowding. You can also use them to label exits and entrances clearly. All this frees staff up, since they are spending less time directing people, and can therefore focus on selling your products.

Stair graphics

The riser on a stair is the vertical or ‘back’ piece. While not all staircases have them, if you leave them blank, you could be missing out on a potentially invaluable marketing opportunity. They can brighten a stairwell immeasurably, especially if the surrounding area otherwise looks a little plain. Stair graphics suit varied settings from retail graphics to office branding. You can also have them coloured or patterned, or arranged so that they form a larger image when you view them from a distance.

Point of sale floor graphics

In terms of retail graphics, you can boost sales considerably when you add point of sales graphics as part of your latest promotion. Consider using wayfinding floor graphics to show visitors the way to where the promoted product is located.

Full-coverage floor graphics

Floor graphics can occupy a whole floor as part of your retail, commercial or office signage. You could have the design featuring your brand colours and logo or pattern. Alternatively, wayfinding floor decals could direct visitors to a specific part of your building. In venues for children such as nurseries, schools or places of entertainment, think about how you might incorporate fun games or interactive features.

Social distancing

Of course, we all hope there won’t be another lockdown this winter. And indeed Professor Neil Ferguson, a member of SAGE, reckons it’s  ‘unlikely’ the UK will see a ‘catastrophic winter wave’ like last year’s. However, PM Boris Johnson has refused to rule out restrictions over Christmas. And it’s also worth remembering the importance of floor decals and the like when the world first had to accustom itself to social distancing.

So, if you want to consider redesigning your business space without the huge expense of renovation, think about floor graphics, the cost-effective and space-efficient way to optimise valuable ground-level areas.

Ready to take your flooring’s appearance to the next level?

At Rocket Graphics, we understand floor signage inside out. We’re large-format printing specialists, offering a full graphics production and installation service for all kinds of floor graphics and floor decals, whether you need full coverage of your flooring or something a little smaller. Get in touch today to learn more.