Five Great Uses of Tension Fabric Systems (TFS) to Boost Your Brand

Tension Fabric System Sports Branding at Rugby World Cup 2015

A Tension Fabric System (TFS) is a technique for showing graphics in a plethora of ways in a variety of different settings, be it in retail displays, exhibitions graphics or events and corporate settings.  A system like this is essentially just one where there is a printed graphic with a silicon border stitched on to the outside of the print. This is then inserted into a channel, creating a Tension Fabric System to stretch the material across the whole extent of your display.

These solutions offer many benefits, from easy installation, transport and replacement to great cost-effectiveness and the chance to add some illumination if you wish, not to mention a seamless finish and nice crisp imagery. Modern printing techniques mean you get a flawless end result.

These fabric graphics can go right up to corners seamlessly, too, with no need for a supporting post. What’s more, TFS graphics and structures are highly versatile and work effectively in a huge range of environments.

6 Ways to Use Tension Fabric Systems (TFS)

Tensile Fabric Systems, or TFS, are hugely versatile affairs. Hang or wall-mount them, or leave them freestanding, in myriad settings including offices and shops or as large-format exhibition graphics, or displays for other events. Here’s how you could use them in your graphic displays:

Freestanding TFS Displays

As freestanding images or signs, TFS systems are excellent for reception areas, as office floor graphics, or used in exhibitions or similar events. These low-maintenance displays are very easy to put together, work well in larger settings, and can be single or double-sided. What’s more, you can easily swap around the printed fabrics to create new displays whenever you need to.

Mounted TFS Frames

Whatever images or graphics you want to show off in your office or shop, you can use TFS to create slimline mounted frames. For added impact, backlighting can create a gorgeous visual effect. This is also a highly versatile solution that is robust enough to allow for extensive graphics spans while still being lightweight and with an elegant appearance.

Let There be Light with TFS Lightboxes

Backlighting can do a lot to enhance most TFS applications, including if you’re using wall-mounted frames. LED lightboxes and lit signage work especially well in a business setting such as an office, and there’s huge scope for creativity, from large hanging illuminated signage (curved, cubed or flat) to entire backlit walls. These units are guaranteed to catch the eye of anyone who walks past them!

Large-format Hanging TFS Structures

In retail and exhibitions particularly, it’s vital that you stand out from the crowd. Backlighting your display structures adds drama to your presentation. And, as well as being visually striking, again these models are incredibly easy to assemble and require almost no maintenance.

Curved TFS Structures

Think ahead of the curve! With TFS, you’re not limited to three walls or similar conventions. Curved hanging structures look amazing, and you can use them in a variety of settings, from meeting areas and offices to exhibitions and other events. You can even create curved enclosures or archways and walkways. As well as looking stylishly modern, they can also be functional, for example in defining a private area for more personal conversations.

Two-Faced TFS

With TFS systems, it’s perfectly possible to display your graphics on both sides of a single panel to have twice the impact. That way, you also make maximum use of available space, whether you choose wall-mounted, ceiling hung or freestanding displays. Again, the fabric can be updated as often as you need.

5 Environments where TFS Graphics Work Well

Retail Graphics

Whether you’re having a festive pop-up display for Christmas or just want to highlight a particular product category, such as denim in a clothes store, or specific offer, eye-catching TFS solutions make efficient use of your available floor space in your store or showroom, however big or small. Illumination makes these retail graphics stand out even more, and, in an indoor mall, you could perhaps have one across your entranceway. Equally, they serve well as window graphics.

Go for wall-mounted frames, freestanding displays, ceiling-hung panels among various other options. These solutions are also ideal for pop-up shops.

And they can be backlit for extra drama! You can have a back-lit LED lightbox or create a halo effect around the frame.

Office Graphics

We wrote last month about how office design has an impact on staff wellbeing. TFS display graphics work well in reception areas, open-plan working spaces and meeting rooms, and, again, as window graphics, for example if you’re on street level in a busy area, for added privacy.

Another idea is to use them to create screens to create curved, screened private areas for one-to-one conversations, or separate breakout areas where staff can just relax. And your graphic displays can be printed on one or both sides, as you wish, or you can create a three-dimensional effect.

Exhibition Graphics

At trade shows, exhibitions, conferences and similar occasions, your brand has to work extra hard to stand out from the crowd and draw attention from across the exhibition hall. Indeed, it’s with these events that you’ll really feel the benefit of these systems’ portability, ease of installation (usually just one tool is needed) and appreciate the swiftness with which a display can be dismantled at the end of an event. Just pop them into their storage cases and wheel them off-site for easy transport away from the venue. Your display snaps together to create the perfect freestanding exhibition stand or product demo area in just a few easy steps, and there’s no risk of any damage to the framework. With TFS, you can create eye-catching curves and other shapes to help you or your client stand out from the crowd.

And because you can use a modular system, you can scale and adapt your exhibition display depending on what you need. The lack of any creasing is another major plus – any potential creases are eliminated at the tension stage of the installation process.

Finally, because these solutions can be durable and hardwearing, you can certainly use them more than once to make stunning backdrops. So they’re also the environmentally friendly choice, but the modular format means you can change your display as often as you need to. Alter either the graphics or the size of your graphics in a jiffy.

And, here, too, backlit TFS solutions will give you maximum graphic exposure.

Event Graphics

If, rather than having a presence at a trade exhibition, you’re organising a concert or large sporting event, again Tensile Fabric solutions come into their own. After all, a classy event needs to be framed and showcased in a classy way!

These display graphics serve as the ideal attention-grabbing advert for passing traffic in the weeks ahead of your event. Or create a safety barrier around the perimeter of the ground.

However you use TFS solutions, you’ll be helping to create an energetic environment that’s positive and uplifting.

Get your display kit easily to your venue, install it easily, take it down just as promptly and, in terms of storage, it takes up minimal space.

Venue Graphics

If, rather than a one-off occasion, you’re after a more permanent display, TFS solutions can also be used to fashion superb custom venue graphics, whatever the location. Equally, you can create a special area, for example if you need a backdrop for a photoshoot.

Venue graphics set the tone for a location from the moment people arrive, offering a welcome and contributing to the memory people take away with them of their visit.

What Rocket Graphics can do

Let us brand and display graphics to the next level with our creative use of tension fabric systems! We have produced and installed all manners of TFS graphics across many different environments, from exhibition graphic displays to office signage installations, including recently the European VISA offices.

From Wembley Stadium to the ExCeL arena, from football grounds to major air shows, we’re used to creating and fitting striking, imaginative displays using TFS.

With flexible TFS graphics, the options are virtually limitless. Find out more about what we could do for you today and get in touch.